Wuning County is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, with an area of 3,507 square kilometers and a population of 390,000. It lies in the radial center of Nanchang, Wuhan and Changsha, with a distance of 120 km, 230km and 320km to the above cities respectively. Wuning enjoys a convenient transportation network, with the Dalian-Guangzhou Expressway, Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway and Beijing-Kowloon Railway passing through the county.
  In terms of the favorable environment for economic development, Wuning enjoys the following five advantages:
  1. Beautiful ecological environment
  With picturesque scenery and beautiful landscape, Wuning boasts a forest coverage rate of 72.1%. The National Park of China-Lushan Xihai (the Western Sea of Mount Lushan) in Wuning, which is similar to the Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province, covers a water area of 308 square kilometers and comprises 1667 islands of various sizes. There are rare species of Taxus chinensis in the mountains, as well as numerous craspedacusta in the waters. With the air negative oxygen ion content being 150,000 per cubic centimeter, the quality of water and air in Wuning has reached national top-grade level.
  Wuning is naturally endowed with rich tourism resources such as the National Forest Park, the scenery of lakes and islands, and the geothermal hot springs. The natural beauty of the lakes and mountains, the clear water and blue sky are the best features, the biggest advantages and the best fortunes of Wuning. In recent years, relying on the ecological strength, Wuning County has integrated its wonderful landscape and the town itself to create an ecological, tourist and healthy county. Besides, Wuning has successively won a series of honorary titles, includingthe National Ecological Demonstration Area, the Country Garden County, the National Health County and the National Civilized County, the National Culture Advanced County, and the National Peaceful County. It is among “China’s 50 most beautiful towns deserve the world’s appreciation”. In April 2007, Primier Wen Jiabao visited Wuning and complimented that Wuning had beautiful waters, glorious mountains and friendly people, and inscribed “Shan Shui Wuning (beautiful landscape of Wuning County)” with great pleasure.
  2. Profound cultural environment
  Wuning County has a long history of over 1300 years. There are lots of legendary cultural attractions left by the ancient poets and scholars in various dynasties as they were here being officials, visitors, or recluses, such as Liu Hun, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Huang Lianxi and so on. Wuning has 160,000 immigrants, accounting for the one-tenth of the total population. In the late 1960s and the early 70s, many people in the areas of the Xin’an River and Fuchun River in Zhejiang province migrated to Wuning due to historical reasons. Merging into the big family, they have made great contribution to the economic development of Wuning with their hardworking. Wuning is also a county with 23 ethnic groups, all living in perfect harmony. All these form the unique cultural environment of Wuning featuring compatibility, inclusivity and open minds.
  3. Great industrial development momentum
  In recent years, the local government has taken a long-term prospective and further defined its development strategies, primarily specializing in green optoelectronics, mineral economics, bio-medicine, agricultural industry, tourist industry, buildings and headquarters economy of the “6 categories programs”. The whole idea is to implement the green rise and strive to surpass by the mountains and rivers, gradually forming a good development trend. The green optoelectronics rapidly assembles. 142 corporations settle down in this area, basically forming a relatively complete chain that produces from glass tube to the whole lamp, even the LED lamp, making this place the “energy- saving industrial base of Jiangxi province”. As a result, many leading enterprises are attracted to invest here. For example, the Zhejiang New Century Group invests 1 billion yuan in the glass tube production project; Merchants from Tongxiang invest 500 million yuan in magnetic materials production project; Zhejiang Mipai Enterprise invests 300 million yuan in LED lamp and the whole lamp production project, all of which indicates the great advantages of industrial cluster. The mineral economy starts from a high point. It has been proved that Dahutang in Wuning county reserves 1 million tons of tungsten ore, making itself the new “tungsten capital of the world”. Currently, large corporations, including Xiamen Tungsten Co. Ltd, one of the domestic top 500 companies, have invested in Wuning and have launched the project construction in full swing, so the development in the mining sector ushers in a new era. Bio-medicine industry experiences a rapid development. As the emerging industry in the park and accompanying with the investment of 320 million yuan from Jiangxi Angtai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Wuning bio-medicine industry is changing its developing pattern from producing medicinal capsules to western medicine and Chinese patent medicine, meanwhile moving towards a high-end direction which integrates R&D and production. The agricultural industry seizes the opportunity to advance. Merchants from Hangzhou make an investment of 880 million yuan in 10,000 mu of torreya grandis carya cathayensis base and its processing project, and another 500 million yuan in Xinguang landscape ecological sightseeing agricultural development project, making it a new bright spot. Besides, 3 agricultural companies are rated as provincial leading enterprises. Tourist industry is continuing to prosper. With the completion of CITIC Lushan Xihai project possessing an investment of 12 billion yuan, Huayuan Health Center of 5 billion yuan, and Huaxia international traveling leisure area and resort with Thailand Siam's characters of 5 billion yuan, it can be expected soon to become a hot tourist destination in central China and China’s most beautiful village. Building economy and headquarter economy are also expanding quickly. The district of 7.8 km2 newly expanded in the county is built as a major scenic spot to show its wonderful landscape features to the world. It is expected to become a perfect place for domestic and foreign companies to set up headquarters, engage in high-end R&D, and make business decisions. The park has already attracted many investments, including the Zhongyan Head Office Park of 1 billion yuan and the Happy City Program of Jiujiang Liansheng Group of 1.8 billion yuan.
  4. Superior development platform
  In order to promote sound and rapid economic and social development, Wuning County takes industrial park as the best platform for attracting investment, striving to make the park stronger and bigger. Located in the eastern suburbs of Wuning County and about 3 kilometers from the city center, the park is a provincial development zone, strategic emerging industry base and the first eco-industrial park in Jiangxi province. It has been successively awarded the “Provincial Key Industrial Park”, “Provincial Advanced Industrial Park” and other honorary titles. After 12 years of continuous development, its planning area has been expanded to 15 square kilometers. With the construction of a series of such facilities as park sewage treatment plant, business center, logistics center, enterprise incubator center, new residential apartment, the functions of the park has been increasingly perfected.
  Recently, with the pushing forward of the strategy of “dual core” development by the Provincial Government, which aims to accelerate Nanchang-Jiujiang integration and strengthening Jiangxi economic growth, Jiujiang has ushered in a new round of strategic opportunities for great development. Furthermore, Wuning county will seize these opportunities to accelerate its growth pace. In order to further promote the development of the industry, the county party committee and the county government are actively creating excellence in the construction of the “four platforms”. The first one is land usage. We should strive for support from higher levels for key industries and constantly enforce the land approval. With the national macro land policy tightening, the park’s land to be approved is increased by more than 1,000 acres each year to ensure the usage for projects.
  The second is electricity usage. A new two-circuit converting station of 110 KV and a self-supported line of 35 KV are constructed, so that electricity usage for the enterprises in the park can be fully guaranteed.
  The third is the employment platform. 52 units have been arranged to set up several full-time teams for foreign recruitment throughout the year, so that the labor force can meet the demands of enterprises. Meanwhile, occupation technical schools have been established to help train workers available for enterprises in free. More than 2,000 sets of new citizen apartments have been built and put into use, where industrial workers are arranged first to settle in, providing thousands of workers with dwelling places.
  The forth is the financing platform. We should actively build a financing platform and introduce the financing incentives to increase bank lending for enterprises. In order to assure enterprises of financing, we should establish the county Economic Development Guarantee Center and Financial Credit Guarantee Corporation, and in the meanwhile, simplify the guarantee procedures and first ensure the normal financing needs for key industries and enterprises.
  5. Excellent service group
  Wuning has organized a special team to provide various services to enterprises:
  The first is the leadership services. According to the regulations, the local officials of Wuning shall visit the park at least once a month.
  The second is the team follow-up services. The project of “Officials Engagement” is implemented to promote the service safeguard mechanism. Each project settled in the county industrial park is to be led by one county leader, so as to form a team to enhance the coordinated services and offer “one-to-one” follow-up support.
  The third is the guarantee of preferential policy. A series of favorable policies are introduced to facilitate the development of key industries, with an all-out effort to make sure the growth and prosperity of the industries.
Host: Party committee of Wuning County, people's Government of Wuning County
Organizer: Information Work Office of Wuning County Government
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